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Re: Blends & CDD suggestions

On 15:33 Sat 29 May     , Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

Hi Jonas and other,

> On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 11:24:32AM +0200, Xavier Oswald wrote:
>>  - Change the default graphical theme. (GTK color + topbar image +    
>> boot dvd background image)
> Make a package containing your graphics and hooks, and make sure to  
> install it e.g. using a metapackage.
> forinspiration, have a look at the packages brdesktop-common,  
> debian-edu-artwork, grub2-splashimages. And on packages depending on the  
> various gtk2-engines-* packages.

It's not that easy. The topbar image and the gtk theme come from the
rootskel-gtk package maintained by the d-i team. By now, I use my own
rootskel-gtk package instead of the one provide by default when building d-i
from source.

>>  - Customize Debian boot DVD menu.
> I suspect this to be a tricky one to do officially within Debian.
> Debian-installer uses udeb packages.  They technically work (mostly)  
> like ordinary packages, but have other contraints, like not containing  
> own copyright info - which is an important detail: Legally udebs are not  
> considered packages but must be distributed together with some catch-all  
> copyright file.
> I am not a debian-installer developer, but I believe the above is one of  
> the reasons (other obvious ones being tight space and memory contraints  
> and requirement of working across many architectures) that extensions to  
> debian-installer needs to be done in tight coordination with that team.
> What kind of changes would you need?  Something similar to Skolelinux  
> wanting a (vastly) simplified install menu, or something else?

What I need is to have at first another background image at boot.
And I need to have graphical and ncurses enable but with a different text.
And be able to have graphical and ncurses with other boot parameters than what
is done by default.

Something like:
   Graphical Install
   Text Based Install
   Graphical Install (specific)
   Text Based Install (specific)

I could do this by extracting the generated iso and put my new menu files or
use my files when I build d-i from source. I don't know any other way to do

>>  - Add preceeding of some parts of D-I (user, partitionning, ...)
> If you mean apply pre-seeding at places already supporting it, then what  
> is it that you need?  For feeding large amounts of pre-seeding (more  
> than convenient (or technically possible) to type into the boot line,  
> you might be interested in http://hands.com/d-i/ either that framework  
> directly, or using it as inspiration for an own - simpler? - approach.

For now, I have added a preseed file in the initrd to achieve this, by building
the initrd directly from d-i sources.

>> I had a look to several way to handle it like:
>>  - building d-i from svn and using debian-cd.
>>  - using a builded daily d-i and adding customizations.
>>  - simple-cdd tools.
> Neither of above produces a Debian Pure Blend.  But all of such  
> "unofficial hacks" can be quite useful during _development_ of a Debian  
> Pure Blend.


>> I want to keep it simple. What I need to do is not that huge so Im  
>> asking for suggestions about how to handle this in an easy way, keep it 
>> simple and thus to be able to generate quickly new versions.
> That's a tough one: The things on your wishlists are ones not currently  
> possible to simply "tell" Debian to do, so someone (you?) will have to  
> implement the mechanisms first.  Implementing simple mechanisms is often  
> not itself simple, but please hang on anyway and help make it simple for  
> the next ones with similar needs. :-)

The fact is that Im a bit in a hurry up time, so I will do some manual things to
achieve my goals and try to do some nice tools for further version Ill have to

I hope with these detail that you clearly understand what Im doing.

 ,''`. Xavier Oswald (xoswald@debian.org)
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