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Re: ITP tagging superseded by the use of tasks pages ?

Am Sonntag, den 20.09.2009, 21:09 +0200 schrieb Andreas Tille:
> > If this feature is really useful for some people, we might think about
> > automagically extracting the relevant information from the task pages
> > and mailing the BTS, so the data is updated in only one place (task
> > pages).
> I've thought about the idea to have the information only on one place
> but rather the other way around:  If you put the WNPP bug number into
> the tasks files you can extract the information from the bug report.

This is what I meant and I agree with you in that it's the best
approach. My offer to provide my reportbug wrapper was meant as an
option, in case this is useful for anyone tagging bugs but not using
task pages. (I do not know if such blends exist. I hope they don't,
though.) ;)

Best regards

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