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Re: ITP tagging superseded by the use of tasks pages ?

Hi Charles,

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 03:13:22PM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> I attached a patch that I propose to commit. It removes the instructions about
> the WNPP tagging, and adds a few informations about the task files.

Thanks for working on this and the patch.  I have one minor addition
because we do not need to relay on the selfexplanatory feature of the
tasks file.  Instead we might refer to


which hopefully explains all the fields.  BTW, I once invented the name
"Web sentinel" for the tasks pages, but never really used this term -
should we replace it in the doc by something else?  To name it just
tasks files is wrong because we have also bugs pages and I plan to
do even more.  Any suggestions?
Kind regards


> Index: policy.xml
> ===================================================================
> --- policy.xml	(révision 4006)
> +++ policy.xml	(copie de travail)
> @@ -185,29 +185,17 @@
>  			if for some reason the package has not been uploaded, when the ITP bug is
>  			<ulink url="http://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/1127503245.4308.5.camel@cerdita";>
>  			automatically closed</ulink> one year later.</para>
> -			<para>In addition to this you should add a user tag to this
> -			<acronym>WNPP</acronym> bug to indicate which meta-package will likely recommend
> -			the new package.</para>
> -			<para>This can be done by sending a mail to <ulink url="mailto:request@bugs.debian.org";>request@bugs.debian.org</ulink>
> -			with the following content:</para>
> -			<blockquote>
> -				<programlisting>user debian-med@lists.debian.org
> -usertag &lt;bug-number&gt; + wnpp med-&lt;task&gt;
> -thanks</programlisting>
> -			</blockquote>
> -			<para>For instance if you want to tag an <acronym>ITP</acronym> with
> -			bug number #123456 for Debian Med section biology you would do the
> -			following:</para>
> -			<blockquote>
> -				<programlisting>mailx -s "Tagging bug #123456" request@bugs.debian.org &lt;&lt;...
> -user debian-med@lists.debian.org
> -usertag 123456 + wnpp med-bio
> -thanks
> -...</programlisting>
> -			</blockquote>
> +			<para>In addition, please add the package to the <quote>task</quote> file where it fits
> +			the best, and document your ITP number using the <command>WNPP</command> field name.</para>
>  		</sect2>
>  	</sect1>
>  	<sect1>
> +		<title>Tasks</title>
> +		<para>The Debian Med <ulink url="http://blends.alioth.debian.org/blends";>Debian Pure Blend</ulink> is organised by <ulink url="http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/tasks/index";>tasks</ulink>, that group packages around broad themes such as <ulink url="http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/tasks/imaging";>medical imaging</ulink> for instance. The tasks list programs that are already packaged in Debian as well as packages in preparation.</para>
> +		<para>The tasks files are not hosted in the Debian Med repositories, but in the Debian Blends repository. Nevertheless, all members of the Debian Med project on the Alioth forge have write access to the Blends subversion repository. You can easily check out its sources with the command <command>debcheckout -a debian-med</command>.</para>
> +		<para>The syntax of the tasks files is very similar to Debian control files, and hopefully self-explanatory.</para>
> +	</sect1>
> +	<sect1>
>  		<title>Policy</title>
>  		<sect2>
>  			<title><filename>debian/control</filename></title>

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