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Re: ITP tagging superseded by the use of tasks pages ?

On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 03:59:01PM +0200, Manuel Prinz wrote:
> I wanted to start working on the (Debian Science) policy again in the
> very near future because there are quite some issues. I put it on my
> TODO list.

This would be great.

> If this feature is really useful for some people, we might think about
> automagically extracting the relevant information from the task pages
> and mailing the BTS, so the data is updated in only one place (task
> pages).

I've thought about the idea to have the information only on one place
but rather the other way around:  If you put the WNPP bug number into
the tasks files you can extract the information from the bug report.
This approach has IMHO two advantages:

  - It is consistent with other information gathering methods because
    the tasks pages generating code tries to obtain information about
    packages *from* *other* sources and takes the information only from
    the tasks file if there is no other way to get it.
  - You hardly can make a connection between tasks file and bug number
    if you trigger the WNPP bug out of the tasks file information.  I
    see no clear way how to obtain the resulting bug number for the
    tasks pages generating code.

> I once wrote a small wrapper for reportbug to include user tag
> pseudo-header fields for certain tasks (not meant as in "task pages"
> here), mainly for personal use. I could make it available if there is
> interest in it.
Perhaps I'm missing something - but as I tried to explain above I
don't think that it will work this way (feel free to prove me wrong).

> Do other blends use this feature? If any effort would be made in this
> direction, blends would probably the right place.

I'd say *if* a Blend is properly maintained the Blends team watches WNPP
bugs and inserts the interesting ones in their tasks files.  I do it
personally for Debian Med and I keep an eye on Debian Science - but I
might miss something here.  IMHO it is just a way of consequent
documentation:  Blends who did not kept an eye on usertags for WNPP bugs
will probably not be very busy maintaining their tasks files about these
packages.  So I *wished* that all Blends would maintain the tasks files
accordingly - but unfortunately this is only a wish.  BTW, I'm *really*
concerned about Debian Junior which is suffering from active maintenance
of the tasks files.

Kind regards


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