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Re: Enhances field (Was: r1771 - projects/med/trunk/debian-med/tasks)


Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 03:46:50PM +0200, Steffen Moeller wrote:
>>> Enhanced-By: autogrid
>>>> +Depends: autodocktools
>>>> +Friends: mgltools-dejavu, mgltools-pmv, mgltools-utpackages, mgltools-vision, mgltools-volume
>>> Enhanced-By: mgltools-dejavu, mgltools-pmv, mgltools-utpackages, mgltools-vision, mgltools-volume
>>> What do you think?
>> I'll go for it ... good to hear you like it (I was not sure).
> As you might have noticed I tried to investigate a bit [1] about the
> role of the Enhances field because thinking twice about it the suggested
> Enhanced-By field sounds somewhat redundant.  IMHO we could do better if
> we consistently maintain the Enhances field where needed and there is no
> real need to put this information into a different place.  So I tried to
> find out what Enhancement relations we currently have in the Debian Med
> tasks.  Here is a raw logfile output after grep-ing 'enhanc':

> What do you think?

I must admit that I was completely unaware of the reverse-suggests. I never used it, but
you are right. It should be used more.

For our purpose, which is to hide packages from being displayed as individual tasks since
they have more the character of a helpers' application, the "enhances" is not appropriate.
E.g. we want to show clustalw even though we show emboss.

While writing, how about (for our tasks specs):

Recommends: autodock
Hides: autogrid



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