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Raw implementation of Registration field feature


Debian Med bio task today got a "Registration" field added.  It contains an
URL where users of the software autodock should register to enable the
authors for continuous funding of their work.  If you look at


you see how this field can be propagated to the tasks pages to make our
users aware of this request of the authors.  This first implementation is
just a proof of concept.  What I want you to to is:

  1. Propose a better text for the issue (it will become a translatable
  2. Propose a nicer formatting (background color, text style whateve) -
     just provide a patch for the css file defining td.registration.
  3. Other hints for enhancement.

BTW, we could do perfectly the same for the publication / citation
issue which was discussed in Debian Science.

Any hint is welcome


Klarmachen zum Ändern!

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