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Relation between Suggests and Enhances


in the Debian Pure Blends effort we were wondering about relations of packages
and what an "Enhances" relation actually means.  Debian Policy says:

          This field is similar to Suggests but works in the opposite
          direction.  It is used to declare that a package can enhance the
          functionality of another package.

What exactly means "similar".  Assume package foo enhances package bar.
Does this mean that in turn package bar should Suggest package foo or
is this conclusion not really valid?

The rationale behind this question is that if we define in our tasks
pages a set of packages which are interesting for a certain task we
might consider automatically suggesting all those packages which are
enhancing those packages listed in our tasks files.

I'm just not really sure what the best practices for using Enhances
is and whether my idea above really makes sense.

Kind regards


PS: Steffen, depending from the answer above the "Enhanced-By" field might
    become redundant because we can obtain this information from UDD
    automatically - provided that the packages in question are featuring
    the Enhances field.

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