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Re: Bits from the Debian Pure Blends Team

Update to Holgers request:

On Mon, 23 Mar 2009, Holger Levsen wrote:


On Montag, 23. März 2009, Andreas Tille wrote:

a.) is this documented somewhere?

Not yet - but hopefully soon in the Blends paper.

b.) editing files not in a VCS is a waste of time ;-)

Yes as I admitted and this issue is fixed:


And no, it is not yet documented neither is there a documentation how
changes to these files are promoted to the live system on Alioth.  For
the impatient (before the docs are updated):  If you login at alioth
and call


the content from SVN is moved to the website.

If you are interested in detail we should talk about this implementing it
as common code set with configuration per Blend.

Sounds better.

Well, you said: Sounds better and I agree - but nobody started so far
*discussing* how actually such pages should look like - so we did not
really stepped foreward here.

And adding the vcs- and homepage headers should just be done for every
Sure! ;-)

If you look at the bugs pages of your Blend you now see homepage links
as far as they are properly set in the control information of the packages.
The VcsBrowser link does *not* work for now.  Because it is not that simple
as I thought in the first place I would like to defer this task until
UDD-based generation of the tasks pages is implemented which makes this
possible without any effort.

BTW, if you notice some "Homepage not available" strings but you know
there is a homepage for this project:  You should start filing bugs against
packages where maintainers were to lame to update their packaging and set
proper Homapage files.  In the Debian Med project we polished (hopefully)
all packages with this problem but please work down your tasks pages where
you find "No homepage available" but later in the long description links
to the Homepages.  This is not only "ugly" for the tasks pages it is
quite frequently that the package was not updated for a long time and
has most probably other packaging issues.  Please use the tasks pages
as QA tool!

Kind regards



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