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Re: Bits from the Debian Pure Blends Team

On Mon, 23 Mar 2009, Holger Levsen wrote:

suggestion.  If I remember right we decided that the absulute measure
just attracts people who want to find a job to do - which is
finally the sense of the bugs pages.

I dont think that a status of 2000 open bugs for this metapackage attracks
anyone to do anything.

Sure.  As I said the measure is not perfect and I'm keen on hearing
ways to enhance this.  If I multiply the measure by
   1 / sqrt(number of packages)
I have to set new limits (which are not that easy to find - at least I
have no idea and the effect will be that the package in question might
most possibly be colored red as well.  So I'm keen on hearing suggestions
how to enhance this.

Do you want me to search the archive when I gave the hint to
Debian Edu that this is *your* (as in Debian Edu maintainers,
not in you as a person) job to extend this page? ;-)

Well, maybe, but some documentation how to do that, would be appreciated.



might do the trick.  It just depends whether you like this or just prefer
including the separate links into your wiki page.  For Debian Med David Paleino
has developed a much more complex system which can be viewn at


and which can be seen at


If you are interested in detail we should talk about this implementing it
as common code set with configuration per Blend.

And adding the vcs- and homepage headers should just be done for every blend.

Sure! ;-)
Holger, you would have trouble to convince me to do a feature *only* for Debian
Edu and to force me to do some code like

   if project == 'debian edu':

Kind regards



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