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Re: Bits from the Debian Pure Blends Team

On Mon, 23 Mar 2009, Holger Levsen wrote:


a.) is this documented somewhere?

No, because I do not regard this as an official website of a Blend.  I just
created this placeholder for convinience reasons.  *IF* we might make this
an official site we should document it in the Blends doc.  What do you think:
Should it be a canonical entry point for every blend to go to


or not?  If yes how should this page be generated?  Automatically according
to some configuration files or ...

b.) editing files not in a VCS is a waste of time ;-)

... in a VCS.  I completely agree.  Debian Med pages are maintained in SVN
an pushed to alioth via commit hook.  But until now there was no Blend asking
for this and so it does not exist (yet).  I'm in favour of generalising this
but I'm currently busy with overworking the tasls pages.  Somebody might
suggest a reasonable design and content for the pages and I might use the
next developer meeting to do something about this.

If you are interested in detail we should talk about this implementing it
as common code set with configuration per Blend.

Sounds better.

In fact, yes.  It just needs some man power.  Any volunteers?  In principle
some Genshi template like they are used for the tasks and bugs pages [1]
might be helpful.

And adding the vcs- and homepage headers should just be done for every
Sure! ;-)
Holger, you would have trouble to convince me to do a feature *only* for
Debian Edu...

I never asked for that... ;-)

But you assumed I might consider doing it like this. ;-)

Kind regards


[1]    http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/blends/blends/trunk/webtools/templates/?rev=0&sc=0


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