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Re: desktops [from Debian Blends: Newbie Blend]

On Thu, 26 Mar 2009, ter wrote:

I am lurking from DebianLex :). There was proposed a "legal desktop"
metapackage, which had a special focus, but is confusing to me. There
are existing desktop tasksels.

Yes there are.  However there might be reasons to add some sugar
for certain user groups.  For instance you might look at the desktop
related tasks in the Debian Edu project:

     -> Gnome / KDE / Desktop-other

1) Can a metapackage uninstall the
packages in a superset/parent metapackage/tasksel via post-install
scripts, or should it replace the superset/parent for the blend?

Well, nt in the postinstall.  A metapackage might perfectly conflicts
with a package you do not want to be installed.  For the moment we
had no real use for this feature - but it is simple and perfectly doable.

Where in a metapackage to store the usage guide, e.g., for a "legal
desktop"? A lot of this may be taken care of via config scripts for
menus (which presumes some desktop tasksel?) and roles, but I think we
need some domain-specific guide, something like
a /usr/share/doc/<metapackage>?

The blends-dev package is using debhelper.  This means you can use
things like
etc.  So you are perfectly free to add additional workload to the
metapackage.  For the moment the metapackages do not require any desktop.
Also the blends-dev package only contains support for Debian menu out
of the box (which also works in text mode but is a bit old fashioned).
The Debian Edu project has an additional package education-menus
included in their source.  My plan is to invent general support
for this which means: You just drop the needed files in a directory
and blends-dev will care for the creation of the menu package
automatically - or even better puts the relevant menu entries right
into the metapackages where they belong to (as it is done with the
Debian Menu stuff).

3) Can we inherit/specialize the Ubuntu
desktop into a metapackage?

I have no idea about the Ububtu desktop.  If you would be a little
bit more verbose what you want to approach I could think about a
reasonable answer.  Now I can only give the canonical answer for
all those questions: In principle yes - it is Free Software. ;-)

Sorry if these questions (the first 2 are more general than desktops)
rehash a lot of stuff for the blends developers, but I am learning to
use what you are developing, and would be happy to do some reading,
including the source.

It's fine - just keep on asking here on this list.  There might be
more newbies with similar questions.

Kind regards


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