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Re: desktops [from Debian Blends: Newbie Blend]

On Thu, 2009-03-26 at 08:32 +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:

> > Do you think a lightweight debian desktop for newbies would be a good
> > topic for a blend?
> I'm quite hesitant about this.  Beeing a "newbie" has no clear definition
> and thus you will quickly find that you soon will loose the focus inside
> your project.  There was a Debian Desktop project which is also mentioned
> in the Blends docs but it seems that it was a failure.  Yes I agree that
> there are many things to fix here - but I doubt that it makes much sense
> to work on this in the Blends effort.

I am lurking from DebianLex :). There was proposed a "legal desktop"
metapackage, which had a special focus, but is confusing to me. There
are existing desktop tasksels. 1) Can a metapackage uninstall the
packages in a superset/parent metapackage/tasksel via post-install
scripts, or should it replace the superset/parent for the blend? 2)
Where in a metapackage to store the usage guide, e.g., for a "legal
desktop"? A lot of this may be taken care of via config scripts for
menus (which presumes some desktop tasksel?) and roles, but I think we
need some domain-specific guide, something like
a /usr/share/doc/<metapackage>? 3) Can we inherit/specialize the Ubuntu
desktop into a metapackage?
Sorry if these questions (the first 2 are more general than desktops)
rehash a lot of stuff for the blends developers, but I am learning to
use what you are developing, and would be happy to do some reading,
including the source.


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