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Re: Debian Blends: Newbie Blend

On Wed, 25 Mar 2009, Daniel Dickinson wrote:

Do you think you could do a link in the Documentation section of the
Alioth page to the Debian Pure Blends homepage?

I just tried but the descriptioon of an Alioth project only takes 255
characters and my try to add a link ended up in too much characters.
But there actually is a Homepage link in the "Public Areas" section.

I had to Google Debian
Blends to find anything other than the SVN. (the Alioth page has no
links to anything blends in the tabs, or else I missed something
terribly obvious).

Not in the tabs - but you seem to have failed to find the "Public Area"
section a little bit down.

Do you think a lightweight debian desktop for newbies would be a good
topic for a blend?

I'm quite hesitant about this.  Beeing a "newbie" has no clear definition
and thus you will quickly find that you soon will loose the focus inside
your project.  There was a Debian Desktop project which is also mentioned
in the Blends docs but it seems that it was a failure.  Yes I agree that
there are many things to fix here - but I doubt that it makes much sense
to work on this in the Blends effort.

I personally see no reason Debian cannot be made suitable for newbies,

Well, IMHO it is suitable for newbies - it just depends what newbies

with only little more work on some details.  Provided of course the
newbie is willing to read the documentation that is written to help
them (at their level)

So probably you are finished with just teaching newbies to read the
docs? ;-)
Honestly, I do not intend to stop you if you have some ideas - but I
would not target it to newbies.  That's no real focus of a project.
You will realise this if you try to find some categories and put some
packages into it.  There might be a chance to empower the Debian
Desktop project - but I do not think that this fits in the Blends
framework as well.  A start might be at


Kind regards



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