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Re: Couldn't create a image with simple-cdd, but I could!

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 02:56:00PM -0200, Lucas Brasilino wrote:
> I really don't know if anything is broken in lenny but, I managed to
> create etch images with
> simple-cdd but, from a week ago, I couldn't anymore.

did you try to create an etch CD on an etch machine? or an etch CD on a lenny

> I'm running the same command I used to:
> build-simple-cdd --graphical-installer --profiles my \
>         --keyboard br-abnt2 --locale pt_BR --auto-profiles my \
>         --debian-mirror http://ftp.br.debian.org/debian \
>         --local-packages custom-packages --dist etch
> custom-packages directory:
> simple-cdd-profiles_0.3.8_all.udeb
> sun-j2re1.5_1.5.0+update16_i386.deb
> simple-cdd-profiles package was 0.3.7 and I've updated it early today,
> but it gives me the same error.

i'd recommend using "--profiles-udeb-dist sid" (or lenny) to pull in the newer
versions of simple-cdd-profiles.
> I've also started over on another $simple_cdd_dir... same error:
> Error: packages database contains unused 'etch|contrib|i386' database.
> This either means you removed a distribution, component or architecture from
> the distributions config file without calling clearvanished, or your config
> does not belong to this database.
> To ignore use --ignore=undefinedtarget.
> There have been errors!

this is probably because you previously included:

  mirror_components="main contrib non-free"

and now you're no longer asking for "contrib", but it's still in the mirror's database.

simply removing tmp/mirror/db should work around the problem, or run:

  reprepro -Vb tmp/mirror clearvanished

sounds like you had luck downgrading to debian-cd 3.0.2?

i think the debian-cd folks may have fixed some etch related bugs in debian-cd
svn, if you want to give that another try, although it also requires patches to
simple-cdd that i just committed to the simple-cdd-devel bzr branch... it's all
changing so fast right before the lenny release. :)

live well,

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