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Next steps in renaming


after the announcements about the new name there are more things to do:

   1. Uploading new blends-dev package
      Changes are in SVN and need some fixes and testing.  I'll provide
      a transitional package cdd-dev which contains links to the respective
      blends packages.  I consider issuing warning messages inside the
      scripts if $0 =~ /^cdd/  just to make sure that everybody notices the
      change and will switch in the near future.  I plan to help the other
      Blends to enable a smooth transition.  I think these technical details
      are in good shape and under control.

   2. Moving the alioth project
      This was also requested in response to the announcement.  IMHO the
      best way would be to register a new project blends and move those
      parts from the project which are connected to Blends to the new
      project while leaving the old project for SimpleCDD.

   3. Mailing list
      I would proceed like above: Leave this mailing list for SimpleCDD
      discussion and ask for a debian-blends mailing list sounds reasonable.

What do you think?  Did I missed something?  If not I'll continue with these

Kind regards



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