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Re: New name: Call for opinions

On Fri, 22 Aug 2008, gerhard.oettl.ml@ogersoft.at wrote:

refering to <http://wiki.debian.org/CDDNamingProposals#head-7bb1ae330046f9d0720b77e76d6ee7aa992b754f>
i would like to drop following letters:

* thingy1:
DISE (Debian Integrated Special/Spezialized Environment/Edition).

IMHO "Edition" might be to close to "Distribution" to solve the misunderstanding
problem.  "Environment" sounds also good but it might have other meanings which
could lead to confusion.  At DebConf I had the chance to discuss DIS with native
speakers and they confirmed that it is a reasonable thing.  I'm quite unsure
about "Environment".

The existing meaning found in <http://www.acronymfinder.com/>
"Doing It So Easy" does not sound so bad ;-)


* thingy2:
Debian connected distribution?

* thingy3:
Debian based or - as already mentioned - debian derived.

Updated names for thingy[23] in the Wiki.

Holger Levsen schrieb:
from my blog:

blogging (1-182) life; title=Custom Debian Distributions shall now be called...

* I've not yet participated in the renaming discussions, at the moment I can only say what others already said: the terms "custom" and "distribution" both have several problems and renaming won't be easy. Now that I've said that, it occurs to me that I do have something to add: renaming established names is never easy, but can very well be worth the effort, if the established name is problematic / has shortcomings and the new one is way

OK. (H01ger, I'm answering here, because I'm blog-ignorant ...)

* And there I have my doubts. TTBOMK or IME, neither Debian Med nor Debian Edu qualify as "solutions", but are a (great) basis to build solutions...

Yes, I agree, both are not yet "solutions" - but at least it is the goal
to provide a solution - perhaps the name is an overstatement for that what
exists.  So we should use proper version numbering to make sure that it is
work in progress.  But the concept behind is to provide a solution for our
users despite the fact that it is not finished yet.

* Hmm, I mostly started to write this blog post, to make more people aware of
    this discussion and not to add new arguments.

Ahh, nice trick!

    This should better be done
    on the debian-custom mailinglist. Please reply there :-)

So I did well in answering her, fine. ;-)

Kind regards



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