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Help with UTF-8 problem (once more) (Was: Bug#489811: cdd-dev: Should support enhances and test-* tasksel headers)

Hi Petter,

I just faced another UTF-8 problem and I hope you might have another hint
(also beaten by non-ASCII characters in your language).  The task file
lang-nb-desktop contains non-ASCII characters in the description and I
tried hardly to handle this by marking it explicitely as UTF-8 via

   unicode(string, 'utf-8')

which leads to some strange error like you can not mark UTF-8 strings
as UTF-8 or something like that and whatever strange errors occured.
Finally the problem always occures in the genshi.Markup function which
throws an exception either when marking the string or when using the
string in the templatee, so

   Markup(unicode(string, 'utf-8'))

is causing constant trouble but if you don't mark the string genshi
renders the two character ASCII implementation verbosely.

I have given up for today because I lost any hope to find a clue
about this what I would regard as a bad implementation of encoding

The interesting thing is that your "Metapackage: false" feature would
leave me the unique chance to simply circumvent the problem by ignoring
this specific task.  I do not like to do so because sooner or later
we will hit the problem again and thus I'll leave the task in for
the web page rendering until the problem is solved.  But I wonder what
you would regard as a reasonable behaviour when "Metapackage: false"
is set:  Should an entry for the web pages be rendered if there is
no metapackage but just a tasksel task or should it be left out?

Kind regards

         Andreas - frustrated about stupid UTF-8 encoding problems ...

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