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Re: about commit debian-edu r40399

El jue, 28-02-2008 a las 09:15 +0100, Andreas Tille escribió:
> Hi,
> at first thanks to José for his changes regarding a better menu
> system.  It sounds very reasonable and is exactly the way I want
> to see the sings moved.  I would like to vote against one single
> changelog entry:
>     * Added a recommendation on education-menus at the tasks/* files
> IMHO it is error prone to add some basic component systematically
> to each task.  It would be better if the computer would do this
> systematic work by enhancing cdd-gen-control in a way that
> it detects the existence of a CDD-menu package (either by
> reading control.stub or verifying the existence of the menus
> directory) and then automatically add the Recommends to any
> existing tasks package.
> What do you think about this?

I do fully agree with you. I don't feel confortable with that hack nor
with the way I've included the icons for the menu branches. I've opted
for the 'known to work correctly today' solution, but more ellegant and
robust solutions should be found.

Anyway, your doubts link with the message I sent last week to the
debian-custom mailing list. Obviously this is something to be done on
cdd. My doubts are that maybe the option of choosing between a
recommendation or a dependency should be implemented. For this case, it
should be recommends, but maybe we should leave open both options for
future implementations.

On the other hand, as this email goes also to debian-custom, maybe we
could also work on taking this freedesktop menu changes to cdd, together
with the debian menu changes you've already done. Actually, I don't know
if freedesktop menus changes make sense in other cdd's, but if they do,
looking for common points would save work for we all.

José L.

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