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about commit r562

Hi all, 

I'll try to put in context this email:
For those who doesn't know it, I've working on Debian Edu and one of my
interest is the reorganization of the menus on any freedesktop.org
compatible destkop. With this purpose, I was creating an education-menus
In Debian Edu, when calling cdd-gen-control, the flag "-D" is used to
change all the dependencies to recommends in the tasks. That option
leaves only education-tasks as the only package that could have
dependencies, as for the rest they were switched. The education-menus
package needs to depend on desktop-profiles, so current behaviour didn't
work for me.
After commit r561, control.stub will admit more complete binary packages
entries in control.stub. It's a simple fix and seems to work perfectly
(as long as these packages have the same prefix as the <cdd>-tasks
package or the <cdd> is the first binary in control.stub).

The main purpose of this email is reporting about the rationale of that
svn commit. But now, I have another question. All the packages in the
tasks directory will depend on <cdd>-tasks. But, what maybe some CDD
will need to depend on all the binary packages available in
That's not my case with education-menus but maybe some of you have some
thoughts on it. 

José L.

P.S. I haven't modified debian/changelog for the cdd sources yet. I'll
do it if nobody argues against the commit, then I'll ask for the upload
of the new version to the Debian archive.

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