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Re: about commit r562

On Thu, 21 Feb 2008, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:

Nope, I meant the opposite. I'll try to explain it better with my
education-menus example: after r562 there can be an education-tasks and
an education-menus at control.stub, with their dependencies. After
executing cdd-gen-control, the generated debian/control file will keep
the education-menus & education-tasks entries and will add an
education-xxx package for every file at tasks/ . These education-xxx
packages will depend on education-tasks, and will recommend (when using
-D flag) the listed packages in their own task files. My idea is that a
cdd might need these education-xxxx packages depending on
education-tasks & education-menus. I.e.: depending on all the binaries
packages listed in control.stub in spite of using -D to switch all other
dependencies into recommendations on the metapackages.
That does not apply to my education-menus package, it's just an example,
but the idea came to my mind when I thought that might be a possibility
with some other features that don't fit in -common or -config packages.

Hope it's clearer now.

Yes it is - and you are right this is really an issue.  And in fact
there is such a case in debian-med.  Before there even existed the
CDD-tasks package we used med-config (rather med-common which was
renamed).  In med-config we have some workload that is common to
all med- tasks packages.  So _if_ you provide a directory config
containing its own control file snippet this is included as Dependant
meta package.  Perhaps it makes sense to make profit of this for
Debian-Edu.  Just use this hook (I would not really mind about the
name education-menu or education-config - the only problem might
be that there might some confusion about debian-edu-config package).
And actually med-config is basically dealing with menus which makes
it quite similar to your use.  So I would advise to have a look at
debian-med source package and replace the stuff in config by
the things you need.  It will be automatically added to debian/control.

But be careful: It might be that using the config stuff draws
some user-menu stuff in which you most probably do not really
want (because I guess your stuff is better).

Ok, I'll do it. Thanks for your support.

We are some building blocks of the same product, aren't we? :-)

Kind regards



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