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Re: getting next-generation LTSP into Debian/main

> > i couldn't resist re-building the ltsp packages for debian, with a few
> > changes:
> Thanks for your interest.
of course.
> If you're going to be making customizations, I would very much appreciate if
> you would maintain your changes in a Bazaar branch, so that they can be
> merged into mainline.  My archive is here:
> http://people.ubuntu.com/~mdz/archives/matt.zimmerman@canonical.com/

yes, i've been working with this repository.  i don't yet know how to do
branching with baz, but will look into it.

> and the code is on the ltsp--main--0 branch.  Your patch is already quite
> large and contains multiple logical changes, and this would make it easier
> to keep things broken down into easily-reviewed changesets.

used baz to generate the diff with "baz diff"

i could try on a per-file basis, using "baz file-diff" but that's about
the extent of my knowledge so far.  not all of the patches would
probably be appropriate for ubuntu, but i think most of them would be.

> I can help you to get set up if needed.

pointers on good baz documentation would be useful. i'm mainly used to
cvs and svn.  i haven't yet found baz documentation that clicks- it
feels like a steep learning curve for someone used to centralized
revision control systems.

live well,
p.s. no need to email me directly if you post to debian-custom,
debian-edu or lessdisks lists- i read them.

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