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Re: CDD framework funcional needs

On Mon, 11 Jul 2005, Aigars Mahinovs wrote:

While remaking a such framework as the CDD framework the first step
would be to define the requirements for the functions that the new
framework would need to have. This will allow us to try to realise,
what kind of thing will we need for the framework.

Here are my ideas about it.
Good summarize. I guess Sergio will go into detail here, because I consider these points as a "copy in principle" of his todo list
which was discussed here.  The only basic thing which I'm missing
in your list (and in the current implementation) are the user role
based menus which are implemented in cdd-dev / cdd-common packages.
I'd happyli support the implementation of this feature.

   * a summary of bug reports that relate to the CDD should be gettable
I guess this is not yet on Sergios TODO list but it concerns a project
we agreed in Florence last September.  (Cosimo, are you reading this

I will add more, once I remember more ideas.
Many thanks for your input



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