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debianoven 0.1.0 released


having the necessity of an instrument to quickly produce custom distributions
for Italian School and Public Administration i'm releasing debianoven 0.1.0

debianoven is a small python library that works like simple-cdd tool
(thanks to Vagrant Cascadian). It takes packages list and debconf
preseed to create a debian-installer CD using debpartial-miror and
debian-cd tools.

The idea is to create a python application with graphic interface to:
1. select a list of packages from debian archives
2. create a partial mirror containing selected packages
3. check which selected packages use debconf 
4. run debconf for those packages and save answers
5. create a debian-installer CD based on selected packages and preseed

Actually debianoven runs from command line and implements points 2 and 5

You can get debianoven from initd.org svn
svn co http://initd.org/svn/initd/debian-oven/trunk


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