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CDD framework funcional needs

While remaking a such framework as the CDD framework the first step
would be to define the requirements for the functions that the new
framework would need to have. This will allow us to try to realise,
what kind of thing will we need for the framework.

Here are my ideas about it.

I am now at the speach of Andreas Tille about CDDs and let me dump
here my idea, what the CDD framerowk should do.

    * it should be enough to write one structured text file to create a CDD
          o you can select a set of packages that are: needed,
recommended, conflicted;
          o you can preseed debconf database with answers;
          o you can do some specific changes to the conffiles or other
files (as diffs or rewrite rules);
          o you can add/remove some text or binary files;
          o you can recompile a package (with a patch);
          o you can add some package that is not yet in Debian;
    * the framework can generate a set of packages that could be
uploaded to Debian, to allow a Debian user to 'apt-get install
    * the framework can generate a simplified installation CD that
installs the CDD with a minimum amount of questions
    * the framework can generate a LiveCD with the CDD
    * a summary of bug reports that relate to the CDD should be gettable
    * all the actions for a CDD should be possible to be done on
Debian infrastructure. cdd.debian.org portal with standartized
interfaces for every CDD for documentation, information, bug
summaries, cvs/arch/svn/... links, links to all CDs, links to web
forums, ...
    * all the actions for a CDD should be possible to be done fully
independently from Debian. Packages for that should be inside Debian
and should be easy to install/configure
    * a CDD must be able to do releases independantly from Debian
    * the should be a way to do security updates for all relased CDDs
for some fixed time period
    * any CDD could be derrived either from plain Debian of from any other CDD
    * The feature set must be complete enough to have Ubuntu as a CDD

I will add more, once I remember more ideas.

Best regards,
    Aigars Mahinovs        mailto:aigarius@debian.org
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