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New bug reports relevant for CDDs


I'd like to bring your attention to some new bugs I filed some minutes
ago which are really relevant for CDD development:

  #273797: tasksel needs tree structure
     This concerns the problem of the confusing number of education
     tasks among the normal Debian tasks and would enable other CDDs
     besides Education.

     It is partly concerned to #79212, but I decided to file a new
     bug report because of the changed situation which is caused
     by the education-tasks package

  #273801: education-tasks: installs general file which might lead to name space problems
     This is about an issue which prevents cdd-common package to
     install a file which should be there.  It is an explicite call
     to the people who build Debian-Edu meta packages for
     cooperation with the other CDDs which might be expressed by
     usage and enhancements of the common tools.

 #273799: menu should enable removing menu entries
     This bug report was filed because Petter mentioned that menu is
     lacking a feature which is needed by Debian-Edu and I think it
     is worth a bug report even if it might be circumvented by local
     user menus which has certain advantages and comes for without
     extra effort when Debian-Edu people would decide to switch to
     cdd-dev package.

Kind regards


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