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Re: New bug reports relevant for CDDs

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, Andreas Tille wrote:

#273799: menu should enable removing menu entries
    This bug report was filed because Petter mentioned that menu is
    lacking a feature which is needed by Debian-Edu and I think it
    is worth a bug report even if it might be circumvented by local
    user menus which has certain advantages and comes for without
    extra effort when Debian-Edu people would decide to switch to
    cdd-dev package.
As you can see in the BTS the problem was solved before and I should
have read the manual before.  The lesson we can learn here is that
solving common problems in common (= CDD) might have advantages because
of the common knowledge.  As I wrote in the past I really prefer
user menus for CDD problems but including the option to reduce the
Debian menu into CDD tools seems not to be very hard.  Again to the
Debian-Edu people: Try to start the common tools to save your own
time.  It would be no problem for me to add some names to the uploaders
of the package ...

Kind regards


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