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Re: Edits for spelling, grammar, flow in cdd/doc/common committed

On Sat, 22 May 2004, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> I have over the past few days checked in a number of changes to cdd/doc/common.
> My focus right now is just on spelling, grammar, and a few places where I
> thought things could be expressed more clearly.  I have tried to keep style
> changes to a minimum, though I was sorely tempted to hack and slash even
> deeper. :)
I have absoluely no problems with deeper changes - in fact I'm wondering
myself about deeper changes but do not know an elegant way mayself.

> (Andreas T., I had originally sent you a note asking about how far I
> should go with my edits, but my MTA on my laptop was broken at that time,
> and by the time I had fixed it, I had already made and committed many of
> the changes, so the note was moot.  Anyway, please correct my corrections
> if I have misunderstood your intent anywhere.)
I'll have a look soon.  I'm just back from vacation since some hours and
have to cope with my backlog.  Good to have a native speaker in the boat
which is competent in the matter as well.

Kind regards


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