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Re: CDD World Domination @Debconf4

On Tue, 25 May 2004, Enrico Zini wrote:

>  - Create some working groups with names and faces:
>     - PR to Debian community
>        - Andreas Tille (who won't be at Debconf) ?
Unfortunately I'm unable to attend because I'm just back from Italy
(Roma and Venice) but having seen the monuments of your forefathers
I'm now sure reading your mail that you will be at least as successfull
to reach world domination ... ;-) (Thanks Enrico!)
>        - (add your name here)
But I would love to move this to documentation.  I feel very uncomfortable
as a PR person - documentation is somethingt I like.

>     - Technical infrastructure
>        - Kalfa
>        - Petter
>        - (add your name here)
I'd love to be in the beta-testers group of this team.

>     - Release process
>        - (add your name here)
>     - Documentation
>        - Ben Armstrong (who won't be at Debconf) ?
         - Andreas Tille
-->  we will write down the things you did at Debconf. ;-)

> Technical goals:
>  - Have a tool to make a CDD out of a package selection and debconf answers
>  - Have a tool to make a live-cd out of a CDD
>  - Improve Andreas' manual
>    http://people.debian.org/~tille/debian-med/talks/paper-cdd/debian-cdd.html/index.en.html
Some notes I mad on paper in the train will be merged soon ...

Kind regards


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