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Edits for spelling, grammar, flow in cdd/doc/common committed


I have over the past few days checked in a number of changes to cdd/doc/common.
My focus right now is just on spelling, grammar, and a few places where I
thought things could be expressed more clearly.  I have tried to keep style
changes to a minimum, though I was sorely tempted to hack and slash even
deeper. :)

(Andreas T., I had originally sent you a note asking about how far I
should go with my edits, but my MTA on my laptop was broken at that time,
and by the time I had fixed it, I had already made and committed many of
the changes, so the note was moot.  Anyway, please correct my corrections
if I have misunderstood your intent anywhere.)

I am beginning to leave some comments in the doc flagged [BA].  If
anyone is interested in assisting, I'd like to resolve these outstanding
issues too.

You can easily see the changes I have made by refreshing your cvs
sandboxes and in the cdd/doc/common directory doing:

cdd diff -D'May 20' |less

I want to particularly bring to the attention of each CDD representative
here that I am currently making my way through the little blurbs in
03_general_ideas.sgml for each CDD project.  I have given some careful
consideration to my own and made many improvements.  I am not quite as
comfortable fixing the others, except for obvious places where fixes are
needed.  I have noted some questions I have in the comments, particularly
for the debian-edu section, which is as far as I have come in my editing
of this chapter to date.


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