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Re: Configuration management (was:Re: [Debconf4] Re: Fwd: Re: CDD World Domination @Debconf4)

* Martin Langhoff (NZL) (martin@nzl.com.ar) [040528 18:00]:
> >I can speak about "why cfengine" if you haven't discussed it already.
> >
> maybe we should have a "managed configuration BoF" if there isn't one. 
> Back @ home, and following the philosophy best described by Steve 
> Traugott (http://infrastructures.org/) we are working on managing 
> servers & workstations from a central server that holds:

we will touch on that in the debian-edu workshop at 16.00
eventhough from a slighly different angel (configuration and upgrade)
instead of keeping configs in sync (on a cluster).

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