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customized configuration issue (was: Summary of the workshop on CDDs held in Valencia)

Am Friday 14 May 2004 15:49 schrieb Free Ekanayaka:

> Andreas> 

>  I would just add  that cfengine (or ucf  or whatever) could  be
> used not  only to write  an external configuration script for packages
> which  do not  accept a certain  patch, but  even  as a  complement to
> debconf.

Has anyone here had success compiling Config4GNU [1] on debian yet?

> In this view debconf would be used as  frontend to ask questions and a
> database to store/retrive answers, 
> I don't know  whether this approach is correct  or not,  but currently
> even the simple use of debconf as  a database for configuration values
> is not widely accepted.

I think the problem is that debconf stores settings as authoritative outside 
of the original config files.
This was of course done to avoid parsing config files, but it lead to this 
controversy simply since it introduced a separte, potentially conflicting 
config store/registry by design. (That is IMHO of course)

The moment settings outside of the original config files are considered as 
authoritative, no matter if by using a "file managed by debconf", cfengine or 
other write-only config file generator approach, either those kind of tools 
conflict and break other tools and manual modifications, or they have to 
refuse working. "File has been modified!" (Who dared to?) "Do you want to 
overwrite it, or discard changes/updates?"


[1] http://freedesktop.org/Software/CFG

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