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Re: Help in setting up a cluster

If you want to create a cluster that use multiple servers, you can for
your two different projects :

1 - (converting song) - use a scheduler such as torque / slurm-llnl
(debian package name) / sun grid engine (the name might have change)
and use those to distribute the different jobs across the different
nodes. You might need to have a way to authenticate user across all
the node + a filesystem such as NFS to share the files.

2 - (load balancer/high availability) - you might need to consider
different solutions that will be able to fail over such as
heartbeat/pacemaker or corosync/pacemaker, if you want to do load
balancer you might need to look at haproxy or some other high
availability solutions.


On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 11:00 PM, Yetkin Öztürk <yetkin85@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I recommend you to try pelicanhpc http://pareto.uab.es/mcreel/PelicanHPC/ it
> does not need installation, it can boot from live disk and make remote nodes
> boot from network. Its a very practical  way to see how a cluster look like
> and to try some mpi coding.(also based on debian)
> Yetkin Ozturk
> 21 Şubat 2013 Perşembe tarihinde Geoffrey Jacobs <gdjacobs@gmail.com> adlı
> kullanıcı şöyle yazdı:
>> On 02/20/2013 03:37 PM, Gerald Wrong wrote:
>> Look into Mosix for simple heterogenous clustering of linux boxes, but you
>> have to comfortable rolling your own kernels unless somethings changed. 燣ast
>> time I was a student, you could get Mosix for free as a student.
>> The webserver failover is a slightly different topic from
>> distributed/cluster computing IMO. 燨ne easy thing to do would be to make an
>> image whereby every machine had the same webserver and content, and use some
>> kind of load balancing/redirection.
>> Good Luck!
>> On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 3:58 PM, Anatoly Molchanov <ykdosto@gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Do you want use beowulf? Or you interested in clustered web-server issue?
>>> 2013/2/21 Yazeed Alsaif <saifyazeed@gmail.com>
>>>> Hello,
>>>> This is my first time posting here, I think I am in the right place, if
>>>> not I am sorry.
>>>> um, Here is my situation.
>>>> I am in middle of my final year project (Undergrad), anyway my project
>>>> is on Linux Clustering and I am asked to demonstrate the effectiveness of a
>>>> cluster practically, I have done my thesis but I am stuck on the practical
>>>> side.
>>>> what I want and looking for is:
>>>> 1- I want to test the cluster by running a software that can take
>>>> advantage of other machines resources and converting songs from one
>>>> extension to another in a short time, and then I will compare that to if the
>>>> conversion process was run on one machine.
>>>> 2- I want to run a web server爋n the cluster, so if one machine fails,
>>>> the website will still be there. (for fault tolerance demonstration)
>>>> Note: I do NOT燼nyone to do it for me, I want to do it myself. All I want
>>>> is guidelines and perhaps some best practices.
>>>> thanks guys.
>>>> Yazeed.
>> Mosix is pretty much dead now, IIRC. You could try Kerrighed or OpenSSI.

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