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Help in setting up a cluster


This is my first time posting here, I think I am in the right place, if not I am sorry. 

um, Here is my situation. 
I am in middle of my final year project (Undergrad), anyway my project is on Linux Clustering and I am asked to demonstrate the effectiveness of a cluster practically, I have done my thesis but I am stuck on the practical side. 
what I want and looking for is: 

1- I want to test the cluster by running a software that can take advantage of other machines resources and converting songs from one extension to another in a short time, and then I will compare that to if the conversion process was run on one machine. 

2- I want to run a web server on the cluster, so if one machine fails, the website will still be there. (for fault tolerance demonstration) 

Note: I do NOT anyone to do it for me, I want to do it myself. All I want is guidelines and perhaps some best practices. 
thanks guys. 


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