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Re: RFS: c3-tool-suite - Cluster Command & Control tool suite

On Wed, 2005-01-12 at 19:24 -0800, Josh Lauricha wrote:
> Just out of curiosity what is the advantage of c3 over dsh? Asside from
> the command names (alias) being longer and the potential for cpush to be
> multicast (which it appears not to be), I don't see any advantages. I'm
> not trying to discourage you from packaging/sponsoring/installing/using
> it, this is just for my own information.

It's true, there is cerainly quite a bit of overlap between c3 and dsh.
>From my personal POV, it's just that I know and use c3 for a couple of
years now, and don't know dsh very well. 

The main advantage is probably less typing, as you observed - shortcuts
for often used commands (cpush, ckill, ...) and usage of a default group
when none is given on the command line. The commands are just slightly
more intuitive ($ cexec[s] <command>), no -m or -g option, no '--'
before the actual command.

The reason why I think it's a good idea to have c3 in Debian, is that
probably more people coming from other directions know it already. It's
part of the OSCAR installation, and it's recommended in the O'Reilly
book on Linux clusters. There is an effort to have a Debian-based
version of OSCAR [0], and this package might get this a step further
(note that I'm not using OSCAR, so I can't comment on the state or
quality of this effort).

Cheers, Til

[0] http://oscar.openclustergroup.org/tiki-index.php?page=OSCAROnDebian

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