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Re: RFS: c3-tool-suite - Cluster Command & Control tool suite

Just out of curiosity what is the advantage of c3 over dsh? Asside from
the command names (alias) being longer and the potential for cpush to be
multicast (which it appears not to be), I don't see any advantages. I'm
not trying to discourage you from packaging/sponsoring/installing/using
it, this is just for my own information.

On Wed 01/12/05 20:38, Christophe Prud'homme wrote:
> |  cexec      - executes commands in parallel
dsh -cgcluster CMD
> |  cexecs     - executes commands serially
dsh -wgcluster CMD
> |  cget       - retrieves files or directories
Okay, this isn't trivial to do with dsh, but possible if ssh works
cluster-wide without password:
dsh -cgcluster "scp $FILE $(hostname -f):$FILE-\$(hostname)"

Where the first hostname is executed locally and the second on the node.

> |  ckill      - terminates a user specified process
dsh -cgcluster pkill ....

> |  cpush      - distributes files or directories
dsh -cgcluster "scp $(hostname -f):$FILE $FILE"

> |  cpushimage - updates a system image captured by the SystemImager tool
roughly the same

> |  crm        - removes files or directories
same as exec

> |  cshutdown  - shuts down or restarts nodes
same as exec


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