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Re: RFS: c3-tool-suite - Cluster Command & Control tool suite

[ Mercredi 29 Décembre 2004 12:06 ]
| Hi,
| I've prepared packages for the Cluster Command & Control (C3) tool suite
| and am know looking for a sponsor. Maybe someone on this list is interested
| in this package.\


I am willing to sponsor you since I am very interested in this package.

I am going to check what you did and anyway thanks for your work and time.

Best regards
| The description reads:
|  The Cluster Command Control (C3) tools are a suite of cluster tools
|  developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory that are useful for both
|  administration and application support. The suite includes tools for
|  cluster-wide command execution, file gathering and distribution,
| process
|  termination, remote shutdown and restart, and system image updates.
|  .
|  A short description of each tool follows:
|  .
|  cexec      - executes commands in parallel
|  cexecs     - executes commands serially
|  cget       - retrieves files or directories
|  ckill      - terminates a user specified process
|  cpush      - distributes files or directories
|  cpushimage - updates a system image captured by the SystemImager tool
|  crm        - removes files or directories
|  cshutdown  - shuts down or restarts nodes
| Upstream's homepage is: http://www.csm.ornl.gov/torc/C3/
| The binary and source packages are available from:
| http://www.subnetz.org/debian/c3-tool-suite/
| Cheers, Til

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