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Re: pvm and ssh

> hai,
>    echo $PVM_RSH  gives /usr/bin/ssh and our default
> shell is bash.then also the same error occurs.
> i have set PVM_RSH=/usr/bin/ssh  in .bashrc file.
> i don't know why  connection refused error comes when
> adding host to PVM....
> please someone help me out.......
>                                    vanitha

you're are getting the connection refused message because PVM is still
using rsh to access the remote host ... based on the error message
that you printed in your first email:

>Rsh/Rhosts Access FAILED - "ap03: Connection refused"
>Make sure host ap03 is up and connected to
>a network and check its DNS / IP address.
>Also verify that box2.intranet.amplifymind.com is
>rsh access on ap03
>Add this line to the $HOME/.rhosts on ap03:
>box2.intranet.amplifymind.com root

this means that the variable PVM_RSH has not been set properly.  you
should set PVM_RSH as an environment variable ... available not only
to the current shell but also to the child processes of the current
shell.  this is done by the "export" command.  try this in your

export PVM_RSH=/usr/bin/ssh

you can list all environment variables by typing "env".  in your
current setup PVM_RSH should not show up in that list.

hope this fixes your problem,

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