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Re: Making a 2>GB sized file.

On Thu, 2003-09-04 at 00:57, Kyungwon Chun wrote:
    Adam C Powell IV wrote:
    Hello... ;^)
    >I just got your bug (http://bugs.debian.org/208431) requesting large
    >file support in mpich, and have two questions.  First, you mention early
    >in your original post that the compilation options you used to build
    >mpich still did not work; have you been able to make them work since?
    Then, probably, I reported the same thing twice. Sorry. I failed the
    whole try on the Sarge. But at one time, I passed the tests in the HDF5
    package on the OpenSCE(RedHat based distribution for clusters). On the
    OpenSCE, I used MPICH 1.2.5 configured with those options. I have no
    idea about the failure on Sarge.

Okay.  I would like to be sure that the change you requested fixes the
problem before applying it, so I'd appreciate if you could verify this
at some point.

    >Second, how (un)comfortable are other Debian Beowulfers with the 2.4
    >kernel requirement that compiling with these options would entail?  That
    >is, making this change would apparently force all mpich programs to run
    >with the 2.4 kernel; is that something people are comfortable with?
    I didn't test the options on 2.2 kernels. But the HDF5 installation
    manual says that those options will work only on kernels 2.4 and
    greater. So, I'm not sure that those options cause any side effects or not.

I see.  Well, when we've determined that it works for 2.4, I can test to
make sure this doesn't break all of mpich under 2.2.  If everything
except large files works under 2.2, then that's not at all a showstopper
for uploading the fixed package.

Thank you,
-Adam P.

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