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Re: Making a 2>GB sized file.

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

Hello... ;^)

>I just got your bug (http://bugs.debian.org/208431) requesting large
>file support in mpich, and have two questions.  First, you mention early
>in your original post that the compilation options you used to build
>mpich still did not work; have you been able to make them work since?
Then, probably, I reported the same thing twice. Sorry. I failed the
whole try on the Sarge. But at one time, I passed the tests in the HDF5
package on the OpenSCE(RedHat based distribution for clusters). On the
OpenSCE, I used MPICH 1.2.5 configured with those options. I have no
idea about the failure on Sarge.

>Second, how (un)comfortable are other Debian Beowulfers with the 2.4
>kernel requirement that compiling with these options would entail?  That
>is, making this change would apparently force all mpich programs to run
>with the 2.4 kernel; is that something people are comfortable with?
I didn't test the options on 2.2 kernels. But the HDF5 installation
manual says that those options will work only on kernels 2.4 and
greater. So, I'm not sure that those options cause any side effects or not.

>On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 07:31, Kyungwon Chun wrote:
>    Peter Cordes wrote:
>    >On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 04:26:56AM +0900, Kyungwon Chun wrote:
>    >  
>    >
>    >>I made my new cluster using Sarge. The problem is that I can not treat
>    >>a file bigger than 2 GB. I'm trying to make a file on NFS mounted
>    >>directory, using mpich and hdf5. The error message is
>    >>
>    >>p15_4159: p4_error: : 1
>    >>File locking failed in ADIOI_Set_lock. If the file system is NFS, you
>    >>need to use NFS version 3 and mount the directory with the 'noac' option
>    >>(no attribute caching).
>    >>
>    >>But, I'm mounted the directory using version 3 NFS with no attribute
>    >>cache. (I found that the locking function is not work properly with the
>    >>nfs-common package of Sarge. So, I used that one from the Sid by
>    >>compiling from the source package.) I also tried the suggestion of HDF5
>    >>installation manual i.e.
>    >>adding the following compiler option when building the mpich package.
>    >>
>    >>
>    >>
>    >>But, It seems that still not working. Is there any suggestion?
>    >>    
>    >>
>    >
>    > Can you try on an ext3 (or anything that isn't NFS) to see if the problem
>    >is due to NFS?  I just created a > 2GB file on ext3, over NFS, using
>    >dd if=/dev/zero of=bigfile bs=1024k count=2200
>    >I'm appending to it with cat, and it's now up to 3.4GB.  Big files don't
>    >seem to be a problem for NFS on Linux.  I'm using Linux 2.4.22 on the client
>    >and server, with the NFS kernel server.  Maybe your problem is that lockd
>    >isn't running on the server, or something like that?  Anyway, I don't think
>    >the problem is just because of large files.
>    >
>    >  
>    >
>    I did the same test on my NFS mounted directory (dd if=/dev/zero
>    of=bigfile bs=1024k count=2200). I could make 2.2GB file with this
>    method without any problem. I also think that big files don't seem to be
>    a problem for NFS on Linux. But, If I try to make >2GB file with MPICH,
>    It make a problem. I also, check that the lockd daemon in running on the
>    server. The other possible cause of the problem is HDF5 library. But,
>    HDF5 library also works fine on a host filesystem. I checked this using
>    the test programs in the source package and my own one. Now, I think the
>    problem originated from MPICH package.
>    The information of my system follows : [SNIP]

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