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New to clusters

Good day all! I am interested in setting up a cluster
with a few older computers. These computers vary from
33mhz 486's to AMD k6-2's, I have around 5 computers
available for cluster use. I plan on doing a network
installation of Woody (minus X) on these computers. I
was curious as to if I must use the same type of card
in each computer as I have a few 10BaseT D-Link's, an
SMC, and one or two 3com cards. I ask this because I
have noticed the questions regaurding eprom booting
and such, just reading those emails I get confused
therefor I am looking for some beginners help to
Bewulf clustering. I've been a few cluster sites and
they dont seem to provide any information on how one
would go about setting it up, they all offer
distribution tools sucks a LUI or the C tools. I would
appreciate some direction here, whether it's a FAQ or
private help I do not mind - anything and everything
is welcome. Thanks for your time folks


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