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Re: New to clusters

On Thu, Dec 26, 2002 at 11:16:14AM -0800, neolozer wrote:
> Good day all! I am interested in setting up a cluster
> with a few older computers. These computers vary from
> 33mhz 486's to AMD k6-2's, I have around 5 computers
> available for cluster use. I plan on doing a network
> installation of Woody (minus X) on these computers. I
> was curious as to if I must use the same type of card
> in each computer as I have a few 10BaseT D-Link's, an
> SMC, and one or two 3com cards. I ask this because I
> have noticed the questions regaurding eprom booting
> and such,

 If you have hard drives in all your computers, you don't need to worry.
You can use any kind of networking you want, as long as all the computers
can talk to each other.  Once you do that, install something like MPI, and
start playing around.  lam-mpidoc, lam-runtime, and lam3-dev will probably
be useful on your main computer.  I think the compute nodes just need
lam3-runtime.  (I played around with beowulf a while ago, but now I'm just
lurking here.)

>  just reading those emails I get confused
> therefor I am looking for some beginners help to
> Bewulf clustering. I've been a few cluster sites and
> they dont seem to provide any information on how one
> would go about setting it up, they all offer
> distribution tools sucks a LUI or the C tools. I would
> appreciate some direction here, whether it's a FAQ or
> private help I do not mind - anything and everything
> is welcome. Thanks for your time folks

 There are probably some good docs in one of the lam packages on stuff
that's fun to play with on a cluster.  Someone's probably written a
mandelbrot fractal viewer that uses MPI, but apt-cache search didn't turn up
anything promising.

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