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Re: beowulf with afs

Carlos O'Donell wrote:

That would be cool... especially if you could make it somewhat redundant, like RAID-4 or -5. Kinda like EMC-class storage on the cheap!

The latest Illuminator does something like this (0.4.1, sorry, not yet in unstable, I'm waiting for working mpich to go in with shared libs, the latest one doesn't build on ia-64 or hppa). Using PETSc distributed arrays, each node saves/loads the local part of the data to a separate file, optionally compressed. If the filename is on a local disk, then it's like a giant RAID-0.
Latest Illuminator doesn't build on hppa?
*carlos mutters something under breath and checks buildd*

It seems to need geomview. Geomview fails while building some glibc glue code; lucky me I'm the HPPA glibc maintainer :)

Cool. And now mpich 1.2.4-8 with shared libmpe builds on IA-64 (meaning likely on HPPA too), so that part's all set.

I see none of the glibc 2.3s have built on hppa, it looks like you have your hands full... :-(

Thanks for making this a priority,

-Adam P.

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