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Re: beowulf with afs

> That would be cool... especially if you could make it somewhat 
> redundant, like RAID-4 or -5.  Kinda like EMC-class storage on the cheap!
> The latest Illuminator does something like this (0.4.1, sorry, not yet 
> in unstable, I'm waiting for working mpich to go in with shared libs, 
> the latest one doesn't build on ia-64 or hppa).  Using PETSc distributed 
> arrays, each node saves/loads the local part of the data to a separate 
> file, optionally compressed.  If the filename is on a local disk, then 
> it's like a giant RAID-0.

Latest Illuminator doesn't build on hppa?
*carlos mutters something under breath and checks buildd*

It seems to need geomview. Geomview fails while building some 
glibc glue code; lucky me I'm the HPPA glibc maintainer :) 

*Added to TODO list*


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