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Re: ssh-vs-rsh benchmark result

On 10/12/2002 02:29:26 AM Damian Menscher wrote:

>> Yes, blowfish is approximately 11 times faster than 3des.  But I'm
>> guessing it wouldn't make much difference, as the connection time (which
>> is all that's relevant for short tests, such as the one performed) is
>> going to go to selecting the session key.  That stage of the process
>> depends on asymmetric encryption (RSA, for example) and is very slow.
>> Anyone care to do a test and prove I'm correct?  ;-)

P75 to P133 10 meg ethernet, both systems idle:

ssh -1 = approx 2 seconds
ssh -1 -c blowfish = approx 2 seconds
ssh -2 = approx 6 seconds
ssh -2 -c blowfish = approx 6 seconds

Best performance gain, if you don't need the enhanced security, is to run
ssh protocol #1 instead of default #2, rather than playing around w/
encryption types.

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