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Re: FAI questions

>>>>> On 12 Nov 2001 09:48:00 -0600, Michael Heldebrant <hmike@portalofevil.com> said:

    >> So please contact me.

    > What I am going to do at the moment is take the core of the FAI
    > idea (at least I think it's the core) and have systems mount the
    > nfs-root that will be the new system, partition with sfdisk from
Why not using classes and disk_config files for that ?

    > It's really just a matter of what I can do the fastest at this
    > moment.  Like I said initially, FAI seems to be what I want in
I can't believe that is is faster that making FAI work.

    > For under 20 identical workstations once I have my shell script
    > written it should be mostly painless, though I still have to
    > manually config each box due to the network card issues so I'm
Even for one workstation FAi is the best choice. If you can get it work, ALL
things are configured without any manual interaction.

Should I make a tarball of the nfsroot, so you so not need to create it
by yourself ? 

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