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FAI questions

> I'm trying to set up a cluster of identical workstations to be a
> cluster.  FAI seems waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to crazy to set up right
> now to me (especially after fighting through getting that nfs-root disk
> built = 6 hours of manual script editing and debugging).  Does anyone

Can you describe the problems inb more detail ? Why didn't you contact
me directly ??? 6 hours of debugging is to much !

I think you want to install a woody system with FAI. There were some
problems with FAI 2.2.2 and woody but most of them are fixed in the
new version in the CVS tree. But again, send an email to
fai@informatik.uni-koeln.de and describe your problems.

> Otherwise I'm just going to build a complete nfs-root system with
> debootstrap on the master, boot nodes with rescue and root, nfs mount a
> lilo to reboot.  If anyone has tips or suggestions or horror stories I'd
> also appreciate those.

The fastest way to install machines is to fix the problem you have with
FAI. Writing your own install script will surely not lead to a
installed system in a short time.

So please contact me.

            Thomas Lange
Institut fuer Informatik        mailto:lange@informatik.Uni-Koeln.DE
   Universitaet zu Koeln
            Pohligstr. 1        Telefon: +49 221 470 5303
             50969 Koeln        Fax    : +49 221 470 5317

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