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Re: SCore and Debian

>  >   I'm started work on "debianizing" SCore Cluster Environment devekoped by
>  oh, cool!  Do you have a plan about how to deal with it?  SCore is a
>  handful of libraries and programs, and I have the feeling it's not easy
>  to integrate into Debian.

  Unfortunately, I think that you have the right feeling. At presenet
time, I need SCore installation for our new cluster, so I'h started
rewriting of configuration, rc etc scripts.
  The first main probem, which I have, is locations of installed files.
SCore is installed into one large directory by default. It's good for
further cluster deployment - with one directory is possible to share it
around whoile cluster via nfs. If we move to FHS, we will have to share
whole /usr or maybe / around cluster. Other way is to have SCore installed
locally at all nodes.


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