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Re: SCore and Debian

>> Antonin Kral <krala@debian.org> writes:

 >   The first main probem, which I have, is locations of installed files.
 > SCore is installed into one large directory by default.

 Yup.  It's hideous.  You have to note that there's a development
 environment, a runtime environment and the backend stuff, that is, the
 nodes doesn't have to *have* everything.  You can use this to your
 advantage.  You could set up thing in such a way that SCore installs
 itself to /usr/lib/score and provide the needed links for the frontend
 programs in /usr/bin and /usr/lib.  In this way you can export
 /usr/lib/score for the installations that need such set up.

 At any rate I'd try to provide a development environment and a runtime

 Has anyone addressed the problem of single image systems with Debian?
 Does anyone have real life experience with replicator?  Part of my RL
 work is related to clusters but as a user, not as an admin, and the
 particular installation I use uses SuSE as its basis, and from a simple
 user's point of view, leaves much to be desired.

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