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Re: Complex networking

Grendel (grendel@icantbelieveimdoingthis.com) said:

> We have started with (count them) fourteen nodes. However, we have
> plans to expand to something between 32 and 64 nodes. The initial idea
> was to use the Flat neighborhood network so that we could have single-hop
> connectivity between any two nodes. My impression now is that to do that
> would require custom clustering that is outside the model for something like
> scyld. I have now split the system into two parts. On one I've installed scyld
> using exactly the networking they envision. 

FNN is academicaly interesting, but a royal pain in the ass to set up.
yeah, the web page will autogenerate your routing information, and if
you have a very limited budget it can be a price/performance win, but
i'd suggest buying a big-ass switch.  then you can spend your time
tuning your code instead of fiddling with network topologies.

> The scyld system is now up and I'm starting to deal with the software issues.

this is a great question ( getting FNN and scyld to work together) to
ask the beowulf mailing list (beowulf@beowulf.org : www.beowulf.org
for more info). however, since scyld is not (yet) debianised, i don't
know how relevant this mailing list is.


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