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Complex networking

I want to thank the responders. I'm very new to this and I'm not a systems 
programmer. I'll be a little more specific about my
system. We have started with (count them) fourteen nodes. However, we have
plans to expand to something between 32 and 64 nodes. The initial idea
was to use the Flat neighborhood network so that we could have single-hop
connectivity between any two nodes. My impression now is that to do that
would require custom clustering that is outside the model for something like
scyld. I have now split the system into two parts. On one I've installed scyld
using exactly the networking they envision. (Incidentally, my original posting 
about scyld, where I was worried about querying on empty networks,
 was in error. It turns out that during the RARP query, scyld will
take an answer on any NIC and proceed. My error was that I hadn't restarted
the beosetup daemons after placing the hardware address from eacy node
in the center column of the beosetup gui.)
The scyld system is now up and I'm starting to deal with the software issues.
On the second piece of the system, I want to experiment with FNN and I'm fairly
certain that for this, scyld will be completely in the dark. To make FNN work
each node needs its own hosts file because the routes between nodes will be
over different networks. This implies that each node will have some system on
it. My only question now is whether anyone in this community has experience 
with FNN and whether it is worth it?

Art Edwards

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